From Clients and Family Members

Blue Moon Counseling has been a wonderful find in my life... and my Mom's. I am so happy to have your services available for my Mom... you are kind, caring...and make a difference in so many ways. Thank you."

Deb W, Fort Lauderdale, FL

"I find it so easy to be open with you. I'm not like that with anybody anymore."

Sylvia K., Del Ray Beach, FL

"Your empathy, insight and professionalism are appreciated and impressive. You enhance the lives of those with whom you come in contact.Thank you for your supportive help."

Joe A, Tampa, FL

"Many thanks again for your kind attention to our parents. They enjoy your company and appreciate your visits. Your feedback and guidance to our family is invaluable."

Pam E, Deerfield Beach, FL

Blue Moon Senior Counseling presently operates in the following locations:


Blue Moon Senior Counseling presently operates in the following states:

"You were more than I hoped for. You were everything I had wished I had 6 months ago to help them understand their condition. I can't think of anything more that could be done in that regard and my deepest thanks and respect to you for what you did for us, and for everyone who must find their way through this."

Alan A, Fort Lauderdale, FL



"As a provider, we have found the services to be extremely beneficial for our residents. Our residents who participate with their services seem to have less episodes of need for being hospitalized due to mental health reasons. I would highly recommend the utilization of Blue Moon Senior Counseling."

Brian S, Executive Director, Tampa, FL

"Blue Moon has helped our residents in so many ways. When so much is changing and unknown, Blue Moon helps give them stability and purpose and ultimately improve their everyday lives."

Steven C, ALF Owner, Clearwater, FL

"As a Resident Services Director my goal is to help my residents have the best days possible. Having Blue Moon Senior Counseling services available helps me do just that. They are dedicated professionals who really care about my residents and help me make their days so much better!"

Colleen D, Resident Services Director, Deerfield Beach, FL



"Using Blue Moon LCSW's has been an important service we offer helping our patients both socially and mentally transition through rough points in their lives. I would highly recommend using their services."

Scott S, Home Health Agency, Davie, FL



"The services that we provide have made a difference in the lives of many seniors and their family members. I feel lucky to be part of such a professional and caring team."

Jamie G, Hollywood, FL

"Working with Blue Moon Senior Counseling has been a great experience. I love going into the Assisted Living Facilities and working with the residents. I am able to help them cope with many different situations including adjusting to a new living situation, dealing with a medical crisis, managing depression and anxiety, and coping with the loss of a loved one. I enjoy working with the staff in the facilities as well as the family members and working collaboratively to help the residents make the most of their time at the facilities."

Lisa H, Aurora, IL

"Being able to meet with clients where they live allows me to provide counseling that is consistent and flexible. Seniors in ALFs do not always have the means to travel to an off-site therapist therefore I feel I am providing a much needed service. Collaborating with other service providers at the facility also helps me know my clients better so that I can provide the most relevant and beneficial treatment."

Lina L, Tampa, Fl