About Us

BMSC counseling services is a group of licensed Therapist & psychologist who provide counseling and psychotherapy to persons residing in senior living communities or private residences (we will come to you.)

We are mobile therapists. We come to you!

We know seniors often face challenges they are not prepared to handle. Whether it's an abrupt move, new medical diagnosis, loss of a loved one or ongoing depression, our LCSW's and psychologist are ready to provide support.

Blue Moon Therapists are a welcome resource and benefit for senior living communities, promoting resident adjustment and quality of life. Seniors can avail themselves of the benefit even when they receive home health services or are on hospice.

If desired, Blue Moon LCSWs can work with home health staff, nurses, doctors, facility staff, care managers and family in order to promote continuity of care. Blue Moon strongly adheres to HIPAA and confidentiality laws.

Our mission

Our mission is to promote the emotional health and well-being of seniors through supportive counseling, education and advocacy.


Blue Moon Senior Counseling presently operates in the following states: